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핑크퐁! 인기동요:보들북

Varies with device for Android

The description of 핑크퐁! 인기동요:보들북

Baby Shark TOUS TOUS Lulu Lulu tturu cute ~ ~ tturu underwater Tous Lulu tturu baby shark!
Even today, most popular agitation came as a shark among children in the family Christmas version!

The best early childhood education and preschool daycare centers nationwide selected app
Conveniently enjoy anytime, anywhere -

★ Nurseries required (enjoy the process more) agitation 100
★ Pre-School classes adopted abc phonics teaching English song 30
★ 20 exciting rhythmic sway
★ our children better sleep lullaby 42
★ American children every day to hear Mother Goose 50
Hangul now we've been talking concurrent 24 languages ​​★ foster a sense
★ number multiplication shake shake + 35
★ Chinese dance and sway to learn 32
★ sensitivity, the more songs than a car shake, shake the dinosaur, a total of 700 other Christmas carols to develop creativity

One can enjoy all the commotion animated cute characters that appeared like a child Oh!

Two, the screen lock feature to prevent terminated with this app not touch the wrong kid! Doeeoteoyo this update.
When you touch the keys button on the control bar at the top of the screen video playback on the screen lock feature you can rest assured I'm standing in the wrong touch of children.

Three, early childhood education experts have I made to match the eye-level of children!

Four continuous playback features! Favorites Playback Functions only choose to listen to your favorite shake! You can enjoy a more convenient!
If you buy all the commotion you can play more than two hours. Can you hear your child likes will continue to shake the Favorites feature.

Five, a variety of fun and enjoyed by the entire world 50 million children!
From exciting rhythmic sway ABC Phonics English song, now we've been talking the same time, the numbers game, the dinosaurs shake, shake car, youngmigwon got a total of over 400 different shake shake people up Mother Goose.

Six, the Internet is cut off is OK! Phone, pad It's all OK!
When once downloaded you can enjoy anytime, anywhere fun fluctuations do not have an Internet connection. As well as the smartphone's been optimized for tablet devices.

Pink Pong! Many in the popular agitation so you can download a variety of content without capacity restrictions include the ability to use external storage. (I request permission to read and write to external storage to an external storage.)

Pink Pong! Popular agitation will support all mothers.
The new surge of Pink Pong is continuously updated! Please look forward to!

What's New:

더 사용하기 편리하도록 전반적인 기능이 개선되었습니다~^^

핑크퐁과 함께 행복한 하루 보내세요~♡

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Current Version: Varies with device

Requires Android: 2.3 and up

Size: Varies with device

Package name: kr.co.smartstudy.bodlebookiapfree_android_googlemarket

핑크퐁! 인기동요:보들북 Version History

핑크퐁! 인기동요:보들북 87 APK Download

Version: 87 () 2.3 and up

Updated: 2017-05-18


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