Latest Apps in the "Board" Category

Dare To Deal
Version: 1.2.0 APK - Updated: Jul 07,2014
Dare To Deal offers you a the intense excitement of challenging the banker in the Deal / No Deal game and win the maximum possible amount.This is the...
Threat Counter LOTR LCG Free
Version: 1.1.01 APK - Updated: Jul 31,2015
Threat counting application for the game Lord of the Rings LCG.Recommended for those who do not have what came in the game, rather play using the...
Version: 1.1.3 APK - Updated: Apr 19,2016
In this version of the classical strategy board game Reversi you will face 12 fun and challenging computer controlled players of varying expertise...
Hex Battle
Version: 1.3 APK - Updated: Oct 26,2016
Two player head to head area control game.Semi-random board generation.Each player chooses a color and battles for control of the hex board. Player...
Futebol de Botão
Version: 1.0 APK - Updated: Jan 14,2016
Game that simulates a departure from the traditional table football match between two players on the same device (This game does not have matches...
Version: 2.0 APK - Updated: Apr 17,2016
Choose from the proposed extra color shade, set new records!In the game, you can determine how well do you discern shades of color, like a dog, like...
Japanese Kuromasu
Version: 3.02 APK - Updated: Aug 06,2016
If you like Sudoku, you will like Kuromasu.Kuromasu is played on a rectangular grid. Some of these cells have numbers in them. Each cell may be...
Mahjong Solitaire Journey Free
Version: 1.0.1 APK - Updated: Mar 16,2016
Play the Mahjong Solitaire Journey absolutely free! This awesome classic mahjong will have you playing and matching tiles for hours. Mahjong...
Mahjong: Wizarding World
Version: 1.0.0 APK - Updated: Aug 06,2016
Embark on this Mahjong journey to discover a world full of surprise! Welcome to the Wizarding World, where the witches and wizards perform spells,...
Doubleside Mahjong Amazonka 2
Version: 1.3 APK - Updated: Jan 17,2017
World of the Amazon hides numerous secrets and unsolved mysteries. Plunge into the world of tribes and spirits of the ancient times. This Mahjong...
Makhos (Thai Checkers)
Version: 1.0 APK - Updated: Aug 08,2016
Makhos (Mak-hot, หมากฮอส) is the Thai variant of Checkers/Draughts played on 8x8 board. The game rules are as follows:-a) Captures are mandatory.b)...
Chinese Chess plus
Version: 1.0 APK - Updated: Nov 14,2015
Chinese chess plus game, resembling chess, played on a board consisting of two halves, each eight squares by four, with a strip separating them:...
Chinese Chess Checkmate
Version: 1.002 APK - Updated: Nov 24,2014
This is the best Chinese Chess game, aka Co Tuong (Cờ Tướng) or Xiangqi (象棋) in the market with high quality graphics, sounds and awesome features.3...
Chinese Ches
Version: 1.5 APK - Updated: Dec 31,2014
Chinese Chess Board game.Face To Face Players. 1 on 1 only.Thanks to support ^ ^Welcome To post comment for updates.
Version: 1.0.3 APK - Updated: Dec 31,2016
Chess, also known as "like Acer," Han chess puzzle game, chess has 3000 years of history, are two antagonistic game One species, is the global...
Magic robot
Version: 1.0 APK - Updated: Feb 06,2015
Let the robot enter your mind and read the letter you are thinking, The application is a magic trick, use with your friends and let them dying to...
Twin Backgammon Dice
Version: 3 APK - Updated: Sep 16,2015
Twin Backgammon Dice, simple and easy.
Il gioco dell'impiccato
Version: 2.9 APK - Updated: Dec 05,2011
Intuition and good knowledge of Italian vocabulary are the keys to winning in order to prevent John from being hanged!Test your skills and compare...