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DIY Newspaper Craft

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The description of DIY Newspaper Craft

Kites are a popular Spring and Summer time toy for kids of all ages. On a windy day, a kite can provide hours of entertainment, whether at the beach, on the playground, or at home. However, kites can be expensive to buy in stores. Fortunately, it's easy to make an inexpensive homemade kite from newspaper and a few other craft materials. This kite can be just as much fun to make as it is to fly.
Things You'll Need
• Newspaper
• Scissors
• Duct tape
• Craft string
• Ribbon
Here are the steps to make your own kite from newspaper:
- Cut out three diamond-shaped pieces of newspaper, each 12 inches wide and 18 inches tall. Layer them directly on top of each other.
- Secure the newspaper pieces together by duct taping them all around the edges. Cut out a piece of string that is 10 inches long.
- Tape the edges of the 10-inch long piece of string to the two side points of the newspaper, allowing the string to stretch across the width of the kite.
- Cut out a piece of string that is 6 inches long. Tape one end of the piece of string to the top corner of the kite and tie the other end around the middle of the first piece of string.
- Pull the loose end out of the ball of craft string and tie it to the middle of the 10 inch piece of string that has been attached to the kite.
- Tape a 12-inch-long ribbon to the bottom point of the kite.
Or you want to make a newspaper hat? Want a fun, cheap, and recyclable alternative to party hats or deli dinner hats? These hats are a light weight and customizable. They are also just a great arts and crafts activity. There are several designs, including pirate hats, bishop hats, and cone hats.
- Get a piece of newspaper. Place it in front of you with the short side facing you.
- Fold the paper vertically. Take the top of the paper and fold towards you creating two equal halves. Many art teachers describe this fold as a “hamburger” fold because it is the shape of a hamburger after you fold it.
- Fold it again horizontally. Bring the right corner of the paper over to the left corner. Then crease the fold. Make sure that you create a clean crease. This creased line will be very important in your next step.
- Unfold the fold you’ve just created. There should be a crease down the center from folding it horizontally and then unfolding.
- Fold the top corners to the center line. Take the right corner and fold it over making sure that the edge of the paper follows the crease you’ve just created. Now do the same with the left corner. Fold it over making sure that the edge of the paper follows the crease you’ve just created. Make sure to keep them even.
- Fold one bottom flap up.
- Flip to the other side and fold the other bottom flap up. If you want to size the hat to fit a smaller or bigger head, fold both sides of the hat in by an inch or so (depending on the size you want), before you fold up the bottom flap.
- Open up the bottom. Now you have your hat. Wear it however you like. Place it with the flat side forward for a pirate look. Place it with the flat side to the side of your head and you have a deli dinner hat.
- Add fun decorations. Use feathers, scrap paper, markers, or any other arts and crafts materials you might have at home.

So easy right? Use your own creation to make DIY newspaper craft and save our earth.

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