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By 2001 skateboarding had gained in such popularity, that more participants under the age of 18 rode skateboards (10.6 million)
than played baseball (8.2 million), although traditional organized team sports still dominated youth programs overall. Skateboarding
and skateparks began to be viewed and used in a variety of new ways to compliment academic lessons in schools, including new non-traditional
physical education skateboarding programs, like Skatepass and Skateistan that are used to encourage youth to have better attendance,
self-discipline and confidence. This was also based on the healthy physical opportunities skateboarding was understood to bring
participants for muscle & bone strengthening, balance and the positive impacts it can have on youth in teaching them mutual respect, social
networking, artistic expression and an appreciation of the environment.
In 2003 Go Skateboarding Day was founded in southern California by the International Association of Skateboard Companies to promote
skateboarding throughout the world. It is celebrated annually on June 21 “to define skateboarding as the rebellious, creative celebration
of independence it continues to be.” According to market research firm American Sports Data the number of skateboarders worldwide increased
by more than 60 percent between 1999 and 2002—from 7.8 million to 12.5 million.
Many cities also began implementing recreation plans and statutes, during this time period, as part of their vision for local parks
and communities to make public lands more available in particular, for skateboarding, inviting skateboarders to come in off of the city
streets and into organized skateboarding activity areas. By 2006 there were over 2,400 Skateparks worldwide and the design of skateparks
themselves had made a transition, as skaters turned designers, began to emerge in the field adding features for all levels of skaters.
Many new places to skateboard designed specifically for street skaters, such as the “Safe Spot Skate Spot” program, first initiated by professional
skateboarder Rob Dyrdek throughout many cites, allowed for the creation of smaller alternative safe skate plazas to be built at a lower cost.
One of the largest locations ever built to skateboard in the world, SMP Skatepark in China, at 12,000 square meters in size, was built complete with
a 5,000-seat stadium.
In 2009 Skatelab opened the Skateboarding Hall of Fame & Skateboard Museum. Nominees are chosen by the International Association of Skateboard
Companies (IASC).
Recently, barefoot skating has been experiencing a revival. Many skaters ride barefoot, particularly in summer and in warmer countries,
such as South Africa, Australia, Spain and South America. The plastic penny board is intended to be ridden barefoot, as is the surfboard-inspired hamboard.
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