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Varies with device for Android

The description of Cello LEGEND


Create your own cello songs with free Cello LEGEND!

? Select a key & scale
? Generate cello music
? Edit & write your own cello songs
? Change tempo
? Play your cello song in full or loop for 1 bar!

? Free Cello Music Maker:
Make your own cello songs easily!
? Cello Song Idea Generator:
Generate original cello tracks in solo or rhythm form!
? Cello Song Writer:
Write cello music & create your own unique cello songs!

Want to write an original cello rhythm or solo?
Cello LEGEND doesn't require any cello music making skills!
Free Cello LEGEND app is also a great cello music writing inspiration tool!

Make your own cello tracks with your own original cello rhythm & solo!
? Try as a cello music creator; multiple keys & scales to make cello music
? Cello song generator buttons to generate cello rhythms / solos
? Original & easy cello song writing to create your own cello songs, solos & rhythms!

Make your own cello music with unlimited rhythms & solos in major, minor & blues scales!
Cello LEGEND is also the perfect tool as a:
? Cello song generator
? Original cello music writer / song writer
? Song idea generator for cello
? Quick & easy cello music creator
Already using cello music maker apps to make your cello songs?
Write cello songs & generate cello solos & rhythms instantly with this free cello music maker app.

Easy cello song maker!
Create your own cello songs, play or loop a bar & edit while you make music.
? Cello song idea generator:
Create new cello song ideas instantly!
? Dynamic cello song generator:
Generate unlimited & original cello songs, make your own music!
? Cello song writer / cello music writer:
Song writing up to 10 tracks available!

Generate cello music & create your own cello songs:
Make music with this free unlimited cello song maker app!
Cello LEGEND has 5 octaves for making cello music with unique sounds!

Best of Cello LEGEND:
? Cello music creation:
Instant cello music maker
Cello solo & rhythm generator
Cello song idea generator
Instant cello music generator with original cello rhythms / solos!
? Make cello songs easily:
Free cello song maker to write cello songs quickly & easily.
? All work is saved in this cello music maker app; never lose a good song idea!
? Cello music creation in different keys & scales (major, minor, blues major, blues minor)!

Write cello songs & make cello music with up to 10 tracks available.
Keep on writing cello music & create a cello song! #unlimited

Make cello music in any style!
Writing cello music in all genres is possible with Cello LEGEND's cello music generator:
? Pop
? Rock
? Rhythm & Blues (R&B)
? Soul
? Heavy Metal
? Jazz
Or an original!

Install Cello LEGEND cello music writing app free!

? Cello music writer & cello song generator to create your own cello songs!
? Original cello rhythm & solo generator!
? Unlimited cello music creator with ability to generate unique a cello melody each time!

?2+GB RAM recommended (app may operate slower on smaller RAM devices)?

? Please let us know if you need technical support ❤ Help us do better! ❤
[email protected] | http://songlegend.tolainc.com

What's New:

- UPDATE NOW! Less Ads! General improvements

- SUPPORT always available via email: [email protected]

2+GB RAM required

Category: Music & Audio App

Developer: TOLA INC

Current Version: Varies with device

Requires Android: 4.3 and up

Size: Varies with device

Package name: com.ToLaINC.Song_LEGEND_20

Cello LEGEND Version History

Cello LEGEND 1.101.1105 APK Download

Version: 1.101.1105 (-1) 4.3 and up

Updated: 2017-01-22

Signature: d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e

Cello LEGEND 1.101.1105 APK Download
Cello LEGEND 1.101.1102 APK Download